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The 'other' Stephanie Meyer book, "The Host"
By: Kendra Brummer, Writer

The Host is written by Stephanie Meyer and was published in May 2008. In my opinion this is a great book that I would recommend to all readers, especially Stephanie Meyer fans. Meyer wrote this book around the same time that she was working on the last book of the well known Twilight series. The story line captures your attention and keeps you wondering what will happen next. Even the chapter titles (Needed, Ambushed, Horrified) make you want to read more.

The book is set in the post alien invasion period of earth. Aliens with no true bodies need to attach themselves to others-much like parasites. There are only a few "survivors," which are the people that haven't become hosts for the aliens. The aliens call themselves "souls" and take over whatever host body they decide to inhabit. The "souls" are placed in the host body by cutting the back of the host's neck. They are then laid in the open wound and attach themselves. They then erase the human's mind and go about the normal activities of that person because they still have all of memories of the host body.

One human survivor, Melanie, is captured while looking for her cousin and has a soul named Wanderer placed inside her. Melanie fights back and refuses to give up her body. As a result, Melanie and Wanderer form a relationship of sorts and eventually set out to find Melanie's boyfriend, Jared, and brother, Jamie.

The book discusses the obstacles they encounter on their journey and the dangers of being caught by a Seeker, a soul that seeks out survivors of the initial invasion. The Seekers either bring the human in to have another soul implanted to try to find out information of any other humans or they "dispose" of them. One Seeker seems very interested in trying to extract information from Wanderer about where Melanie had come from and if there were others.

Melanie is able to stop Wanderer from accessing memories that would put her family in danger. She only allows Wanderer to see certain memories and Wanderer begins to love and care about Melanie's family. It is because of this that they begin their journey to find them, hoping that they are still alive and safe.

The characters are fascinating and ever-changing. You begin to understand and care about what happens to the main characters, Melanie and Wanderer, which are really two characters in one body. I give this book a perfect 10.


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