So True or So False

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So Not Sure. Apparently this piece of information is not really true. But We are still waiting for any kind of confirmation. So, Well keep you all informed. =)


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So today I was looking at The Host IMDb site and something estrange caught my eye. it was the name Brody Emerson and it says he's being cast as Jared. I still don't know How real this is (I bet it pretty real, I mean is IMDb) but here's the site just in case.

Now about Brody, I was looking for him and I found a twitter account. (again, I'm not sure if he's the one. but still it's good to take a look at that too).

And now. Let's take a look at Brody' Resume

5 feet 10 in
150 lbs
Age Range:
16 - 21
Hair Color:
Hair Length:
Eyes: Green
Caucasian, Native American
Voice Type:

¿What Do you Think about him? Comments in the Comments section .

Finally we have news!

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According to a rumored post on IMDB Erik Fellows is supposed to play Ian in the movie. This is exciting, very exiting, we finally have some news (eve if they are rumors) but OMG! It's just very intense to process. What do you think about him. is he the right Ian? Feel free to tell.

Got Mail!

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Hello everyone. It's been soo long since I last wrote here. So I have to say: SORRY!!!!
but the real reason I'm writing this is because I was checking the mail Today and I got this "Letter" from Netherlands in which a girl named Alice ask me something:

I was wondering..
Maybe you could ask on you website if there's somebody who could draw something.
I'm looking a long time for a drawing of Melanie (with Jared on her side) and Wanda (with Ian on her side) and Jamie between them.
I really love your site and I think there are a lot of visiters. So maybe you can ask it?

Thanks Alice for writing. I appreciate it Soooo Much and Again SORRY For the late reply.