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The Seeker (Kristin Kreuk)
Kyle O'Shea (Chris Evans)

WANDA ( Taylor Momsen or Brittany Snow)

THE SEEKER (Parker Posey)

JARED (Sam Worthington)

JAMIE ( Josh Hutcherson)

IAN (Ian Somerhalder)

DOC (Nathan Fillion)

What do you think? or What were they thinking?

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The Examiner posted:
"All right, readers! It's time to find out who you would cast in the movie of Stephenie Meyer's "The Host". If you haven't read this book, I highly suggest you do. It's a fantastic next step in Stephenie's writing, especially for those who loved "Twilight" but felt like it lacked a more adult feel."

So many people made comments about the ideal cast. here are some options, The other options will be posted in different entries :

DOC (Christian Bale)

WANDA (Elisabeth Harnois)

MEL ( Camilla Belle or Sophia Bush)

JARED (Jensen Ackles

IAN ( Chris Pine)

KYLE (James Marsden)

JAMIE (Tommy Knight)