The Host is Difficult to Put Down

Posted by Naybeth Díaz | Labels: | Posted On Monday, 28 July 2008 at 10:12

The North Florida News Daily published an article about the new book written by stephenie meyer, here's what it says:


The Host

A couple of months ago, while watching the Glenn Beck show on CNN, one of his guests was Stephenie Meyer, author of The Host and also known for her earlier books for teens, Twilight, New Moon, & Eclipse. So, I, being a fan of "mild Sci-Fi", I immediately went out and bought the book. Needless to say, it's a book you'll find difficult to put down until finished! The analogy I use is a 21st century version of the "Body Snatchers" but with a lot more sophistication and class!

This is Meyer's first attempt at adult fiction and no surprise, very successful, remaining on the NY Times Bestseller list for months and currently at # 6!

The world as we know it has been invaded by an unseen enemy and humans have become the host bodies for these invaders. The mind is taken over; with the body remaining intact, with a few exceptions, one "wild" human; Melanie who is captured and a "soul", Wanderer has been placed inside Melanie's body. Wanderer is able to experience Melanie's thoughts, and her past, only to experience vivid memories of Melanie's emotions, and visions of the man she loves. Melanie is so stubborn and strong willed, that she won't let go of her mind to Wanderer and eventually, the two become one fighting for the same cause. They are able to discover the remaining humans in existence, in hiding, fighting to protect what is left of humanity as we know it. It's a great read and will keep you up into the wee hours of the morning!


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