Prologue: Inserted

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I know I said I would update on Friday but I got the chance to do this earlier so here you go.This Chapter analysis is not really about the first chapter; it's about the prologue so is not very deep or long.

At the beginning of the chapter it was totally clear that it wasn’t like any other operating room I’ve ever been to, although I’ve never been in a lot of them so I’m not really sure how to describe them. At first Stephenie made a quick description of the healer, he is shown as the kindest man in the scene and the one we should respect. When he gets irritated by the students I knew at that very moment that he wasn’t bothered by the noises the students were making but for the safety of the soul he was about to insert. I realized something was wrong when the Healer which is named Fords Deep Waters said he regrets about that day’s work.

I have to give some credit to Stephenie Meyer, dude, I want real medication like those, I mean it would be great to see on a store an announcement like “kick acne”, “kill boredom”, or even better “LEARN MATH” so I don’t have to study that subject in my life.

Getting back to the chapter, the most intense part was when he whispers to the body my favorite quote of the chapter “Good luck, little wanderer, good luck. How I wish you didn't need it.” In that moment I felt the soul was about to experiment one of the hardest times any other soul has ever had.

Personal Opinion: There couldn't have been another way to start writing this book, it shows us clearly that the story doesn't occur in a normal place or under normal situation and that the characters are about to experiment something that they'll never forget, maybe not Darren, the regular assistant because he is only there as a support character in my opinion, let's see if he plays an important part through the book or in the next 2.

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