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What was the most memorable thing about writing the host?
That would be Ian. My favourite characters are the ones who decide for themselves who they want to be. It’s the characters who stop doing what you want that make the story feel special and out of your imagination, something that seems to exist on it’s own, and that’s an interesting experience. With Ian in the beginning drafts, Ian was Kyle’s backup guy, but the first time Ian spoke he was curious why Jeb didn’t kill Wanda instantly, and his curiosity set him apart, and then he spoke with Jared and thought about what was going on because Jared refused to.
How old is Ian?
About twenty-five, and Kyle is thirty.
Who is your favourite character in the Host and why?
Ian, but I’m really fond of Jeb because he was himself from day one. I don’t know anyone like him. He was another character that when he fit in the outline he didn’t deviate from that. He was a voice in my head that I didn’t know. I liked Doc a lot, he’s like my little brother, Seth, from my website. He’s a very cool guy and a very tall guy as well.
By the time this was published I had not read the host, so I was not aware of this, here you have. Thank you and sorry :)

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