Stephenie Meyer Updates her MySpace

Posted by Naybeth Díaz | Labels: | Posted On Sunday, 17 August 2008 at 14:49

Stephenie Meyer Updates her MySpace and talks about the movie

"Just a few things about the new release Nov. 21st release date for Twilight:
1) I have no idea how this affects international release dates. I'm not exactly in the loop on those kinds of things. Hopefully that information will be available soon. I'll see what I can find out...
2) I'm really, really sorry for any inconvenience the new schedule is causing people. I feel your pain. Let's just say that my Thanksgiving plans are going through a major overhaul, too.
3) Looking on the bright side, this new release date means that Twilight will get to be on more screens--a lot more. That might mean a shorter drive for some people."


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