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I'm looking for some Fanart about the host, If you have some, please let me know, send me an e-mail at:
And you'll see your art here. write your name, country, age and a small description why you like the host. To watch in full size click on the image below

From Deviantart by j00leh

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Here are some school sketches from "The Host - Stephenie Meyer"I loved the book to pieces, it was amazing. At the beginning it was a little dry and boring, but later on the plot explodes into something crazy-good. I suggest you should read it, if you haven't yet
There you go, just a couple of the main characters from the book. They might not look perfect, but hey - I tried!
(Sorry about the lack of being on this site in general...I'm just trying to graduate at this point I'll be around when summer comes!)


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